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Tanks, weights, and equipment rental

Tanks with air or Nitrox 32% o2 are available for rent. They are steel 85's and are convertible for either DIN or K valve. Weights and belts are available with advance notice. We don't rent any other equipment. For rental shops in Monterey, click the link at the bottom of this page-'Other Monterey Dive Boats and Dive Shops'. However, keep in mind that, if you are renting equipment from a dive shop and are on one of our afternoon charters, we may not be back in time to return your rental equipment on the same day.

Different boarding times, days and trips

Other types of trips can be arranged with different boarding times, guided dives, more or fewer dives, night dives, tech dives, etc. We like doing different type trips so call or email with your questions!


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Where Do We Dive?

We usually select our dive locations as we are heading out, based upon the current conditions, the current forecast, experience levels of the divers on board, and other factors. On most morning trips our goal is to get to Carmel. Most afternoon trips tend to be in the bay, especially if the winds and seas have kicked up.

If there is a particular dive site or type of diving you would like to do, please let us know in advance so we can try to plan around that!


Directions to Boarding Dock
(`K' Dock aka Yellow Boat Dock) in Monterey


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Other Monterey Dive Boats & Dive Shops


Sanctuary anchored at Stillwater Cove, Carmel.



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