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Cold water diving can present new challenges to divers unfamiliar with it. Our crew aboard Sanctuary can give you a lot of helpful information about your concerns prior to your dive. Often, with just a little briefing from our crew before the dive, divers unfamiliar with cold water diving are able to dive with us with no other assistance. However, for an additional charge you can have a divemaster guide the dive(s) for yourself or your group. (This should be arranged in advance of the trip). This may be a great opportunity for divers that, for various reasons, are hesitant to dive Monterey. The divemaster will be able to assist with navigating and possibly find and identify things you may not otherwise be familiar with. He/she may also be able to provide other information or assistance before and during the dive. However, a Guided Dive is not a refresher course.

Guided dives are done from our dive boat only, not from shore.  If you wish to have a guided dive aboard Sanctuary, combine the rates below with our boat charter rate.

If many of your scuba skills are in need of tuning up, this should be arranged with an instructor.


(Each rate below includes a guide for TWO dives)

  $80 1 Diver
  $120 2 Divers
  $160 3 Divers
  $200 4 Divers


5-6 divers - Please email or call 1-866-737-DIVE (3483)


Please Note:  We occasionally will combine two different divers or groups, in which case we give each diver or group the discounted rate based on the group price.  Please let us know ahead of time if you would NOT want us to combine your guided dive with another diver’s guided dive.

Also, on the day of the trip, if you choose to not do one or both of your dives, or choose to dive without a guide, there is no refund of the guided dive charge.

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